Superior 8 types of door hinges Made in India

There are mainly 8 types of door hinges available in the market according to different types of door, however here we are going to discuss Stainless Steel Hinges for doors and Windows.  Mainly there are types of door hinges available and produced in India. Those are Welded Butt Hinges, L Hinges, W Hinges, Parliament Hinges, Flush Hinges, Ball Bearing Hinges, Z Hinges, and Stones Hinges.

The Importance of Door Hinges

Door Hinges are the most important part of any door and they will always hang the door move the door and keep your home and place safer.

8 types of door hinges

8 types of door hinges

It is produced in various types like W Hinge, Flush hinge, Parliament hinge, Dry Ball Bearing hinge, Pieces of Tine, Drill Cuts, Winding Ratchets, etc.  Z Hinge  This type of door hinge is used for making different kinds of tracks. They are available in a low profile and a medium profile. Z hinge is widely used for verticals and lateral cuts.  Ball Bearing Hinges  The main purpose of these hinges is that they are made of iron and have a larger nut. They can easily move from the front to back or both.  Parliament Hinge  A parliament hinge is used in the entrance door. In this type of hinge, there are two pins that make the track.

Welded Butt Hinges

These are one kind of the most widely used type in doors and windows. Mainly these hinges are made using welding or the Phosphorus arc welding process to pack the center pivot of hinges. Butt Hinges made from Stainless Steel give high strength to the door and smoothness while opening and closing the door.

These hinge come as separate parts, these hinged handle can come either as fixed or movable. The welded hinge is available in a wide range of designs and styles, like zigzag, torsion & hinge, etc. They are also strong as well.

Welded butt hinges are one of the most common door hinges used in different types of door hinges and windows. 

types of door hinges

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It is an assembly of L-shaped hinges that are hand-welded or v-welded to the steel flaps. The hinged door or window will open smoothly and will not wobble in any condition. 

This is one of the basic types of SS L Hinges for cabinet doors and furniture small doors.


Parliament Hinges

Parliament Hinges are the most common and least costly types of door hinges.  Those hinges are very strong because of the use of welded joints only.

Types of door hinges are mainly used for Doorways. Its mainly made of Stainless Steel which makes it strong and durable. It is a unique feature that it is available with several Hinges and they are highly reliable and sturdy.  This hinge is used for doors that are either wooden or steel.

These are manufactured by welding together a plate of steel and a flange of metal. It is the best type of hinge which can withstand heavy weights.  This type of hinge is used in large doors, while bolts can be used for smaller parts.  Parliament Hinges  These are a very popular type of hinge in door frames.

Parlament Hinges

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Flush Hinge

The flush hinge is the most standard type of door hinge and most the manufacturers are not producing them in India. A flush hinge is used in Essentially, a flush hinge is made from 3 parts. The center part, the pin, and the hole. You can come to know the importance of this hinge on the basis of its shape.

A flush hinge is made in this way; the pin is usually placed on the side or above the hole, the opposite way to what you would normally see.  Hinges that have this shape are called flush. A flush hinge is a very good type of door hinge. A Flush hinge is made of two separate pieces, the flat-bottomed part that goes over the existing frame and a triangular-bodied piece that is attached with a pin at the top.

Flush Hinges

Ball Bearing Hinges

A ball bearing hinge would be the best and suitable for high-security hinges while a sliding hinge is used as a back door hinge.

Ball Bearing Hinges are most used in doors and Windows doors. These types of door hinges get their origin from the Manufacturing industry. Because of ball bearing hinged doors are strong and are very sturdy as well. The ball bearings in the door work by circulating a clockwise cylinder movement that runs on the axis of a certain disk which is in turn attached to the pivoting bracket.  It is made of stainless steel which makes the noise of ball bearing without any signs of wear, weight or stiffness of materials.

Ball Bearing Hinges


W Hinges:  These are used in Door Frames, Door Windows, Boot/Spring Doors, Door Handles and Door Lock Hinges. They provide great quality and economical pricing. In some cases, W Hinges are interchangeable with other types of hinges. These types of hinges are available in different sizes like W (1.5 mm) Hexagonal W and W (1.75 mm) Hexagonal W. Welded Butt Hinges 

W hinges

Z Hinge

It is very interesting to see and see the Z hinge. Z hinges are usually used to fasten a swinging door.  It can be shaped on various types of door hinges like a tabular panel or an angled. it is usually used in door frames, staircases, picture frames, doors, and louver windows. 

On the knob of the door, this kind of hinge is used when there is no door handle.  All of the hinges can be fastened to a ground post or a pin. You can also use PVC pipes or PVC and the door, just make sure there is no steel.  can be fastened to different types of door or window frames.  They are made of various metals like aluminum, steel, copper, and even brass.

Stone Hinges

SS Stone Hinges are used to connect the door with cement frames where the hollow side of the hinges flap is mounted on a concrete frame and the other with a perforated side holds the door. These Stones connect a very useful small commercial project with low-budget families where some carpentry work is limited and builders prefer to build with low-cost buildings. These types of door hinges can also be fixed with a Steel Gate where the fixer can be fixed with an electric weld.

We make SS Stone hinges with the best quality and competitive price for cement frame door repair for bulk needs. We are a manufacturer and supplier of SS gemstones in Rajkot Gujarat, INDIA.

The “TNI” SS Stone Hinges quickly entered the TOP-50 of India’s leading door hinge products.

Stone hinges

How to Choose the Right Types of Door Hinges

While Choosing the Right hinges we suggest that one have to consider the door height, widhth, Thickness, position of the door, and mainly the wight of the door. While keeping all these points in mind one can choose wisely the best door hinges from different types of door hinges.

Door Hinges Price

Door Hinges Price varies on some factors mainly the types of door hinges, Stainless Steel grade, Finishing Quality and Finish Types, Brand Value, and Packing. However these days in the Indian hardware market people know the value for money products and buy accordingly.

We always suggest ‘TNI’ as The Best Brand to buy Stainless Steel hinges for Your Bulk Purchase requirements and Project procurements.

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