godrej mortise door lock vs tni mortise door lock

The Complete Guide To Buying A Mortise Door Lock: What To Consider

Godrej mortise door locks may be a well-known brand but TNI is the fastest growing and sensational Brand at the current time.

Mortise locks made from Brass and Iron are equally opposite from each other by price and quality both. let’s have a look over it

Godrej mortise door lock vs tNI BRASS/IRON mortise door lock

Godrej Mortise door locks manufactured from Brass are costly due to brand value. They usually contain a couple of tumblers and fall into two categories like Standard Mortise Locks and Innovatively Designed & Durable Munition locks.

However, the TNI mortise door lock is known for its impressive & high-quality appearance and keeps working for several years and keeps getting better day by day.

It’s meant for the demand for top quality and long-term service at every price range of the country. They are normally comparatively more expensive than a standard lock like Godrej mortise door lock.

Reasons to buy TNI mortise door lock: Mortise Lock is so strong that you don’t need to worry about it at all. There is an authenticity of 80 to 90 years. They are one of the most economical ways to buy locks. They can be handled with high resistance.

Brass Mortise Locks – “TNI”

Brass Mortise Locks are offered in various profiles like Round Iron & Brass – When you buy a brass mortise lock, you will find this lock looks too big, heavy, and ornate in comparison to Godrej mortise door lock

When you buy a brass mortise lock manufactured by TNI, you will find this lock looking too big, heavy, and ornate plus Balanced Iron & Brass – The balanced iron & brass combination is slightly bulkier and looks better than balanced iron & brass.

Hence, many consumers prefer having the brass ones as they are in high demand due to being cheaper than balanced iron & brass ones.

Iron Mortise Locks

It is more accuracy but just limited by price range Door Lock is a Modern facility and supported by better quality brass. Mortise Locks Easier to fit inside the door frame, allowing flexibility of shape and size of the lock but best suited for a thinner door frames.

Pros: Good performance, Numerous varieties available, Professional installer available,

Cons: Larger main door size, No maintenance,

Best Lock Companies To Know:

The Nature International is the leading company that is having good experience in supplying highly secure brass mortise doors and deadbolt locks and keyed locks to customers of India.

“TNI” provide the best door locks for residential as well as commercial applications.

What to Consider When Buying

I think it’s fair to say that no one really knows about their relative merits when it comes to buying a mortise lock.

The same applies to the choice of Godrej mortise door lock vs TNI mortise door lock. That’s precisely why when it comes to the market, each one seems to think they have cracked it.

There are indeed a lot of choices, but how do you choose which brand is the best?

Quality Mortise Locks: Brand name “TNI” (The Nature International)

Brand new mortise lock company launched its products in 2016. We consider this company as one of the leading ones when it comes to mechanical and security devices. while choosing other than Godrej mortise door lock.

These are genuine security devices and locks that are durable and have proven themselves. The brand has successfully managed to gain a reputation from buyers. The brand is coming up with unique kinds of locks.


In The end, Godrej Mortise door lock comes with its own set of benefits. The advantage of buying a Godrej mortice door lock is that it can be installed with almost any electronic box which is anywhere you may be. The electronic box can be electronic with almost any brand of electronic equipment that is in use.

However, The TNI mortise door lock is self-tested that they come with 100% operational lifetime. The products of these door locks are simply manufactured to fit in any of your existing door locks. They are maintenance-free, and they come with the most affordable prices in the market. The products are available online on the official website of http://thenatureinternational.com/.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features TNI Brass mortise door lock?

Brass mortise door lock are a wildly accepted brand that lets every door secure with high combination locks. With the rise of modern Architecture, Euro-Brass Profile Cylinder Locks have become the definitive choice for Construction Companies and Builders, Architectures, Wholesale dealers, consumers, and businesses alike.

What are the unique features?

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mortise door lock includes powerful features not found with standard locking Systems. Wide Range sizes, Multi Finishes, Master Keys, More security, 50000 combinations, Ultra Keys and regular Keys, Easy to replace and so much more. Plus, you can order these from anywhere in the world.