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There are many types of door hinges available in the market according to different types of door, however here we are going to discuss Stainless Steel Hinges for doors and Windows.

The Importance of Door Hinges Door Hinges are the most important part of any door and it will always hang the door move the door and keep your home and place safer.

Types of Door Hinges

It is produced in various types like W Hinge, Flush hinge, Parliament hinge, Dry Ball Bearing hinge, Pieces of Tine, Drill Cuts, Winding Ratchets etc.


Welded Butt Hinges

These are one kind of the most widely used type in door and windows. Mainly these hinges are made using welding or Phosphorus arc welding process to pack centre pivot of hinges.

L Hinge

It is an assembly of L-shaped hinges that are hand-welded or v-welded to the steel flaps. The hinged door or window will open smoothly and will not wobble in any condition.

Parliament Hinges

Parliament Hinges are the most common and least costly types of door hinges.  Those hinge are very strong because the use of welded joints only.

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Flush Hinge

The flush hinge is the most standard type of door hinge and most the manufacturers are not producing them in India.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball bearing hinge would be the best and suitable for high security hinges while sliding hinge is used as a back door hinge.

Door Hinges Price

Door Hinges Price are vary upon some factors manily the types of door hinges, Stainless Steel grade, Finishing Quality and Finish Types, Brand Value and Packing.

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