mortise door lock set

Top 5 Mortise Door Lock Sets: Best Lock Picks For Residential Doors

Mortise door lock set made from zinc alloy are in high demand for Residential Doors, it gives more solidity to the handle and brighter looks than Stainless steel and Mild Steel. We are having top 5 Mortise Door Locks sets built from Zinc alloy metal for durability and Quality.

Introduction: Zinc mortise door lock set

Zinc alloy’s high tensile strength and stainless steel’s advantages make them suitable for door locks and mortise locks respectively. Zinc alloy in a door lock has high tensile strength but is still a low-wear iron due to the low and consistent heat range.

Zinc alloy mortise lock can last up to 15 years and requires lesser maintenance than metal mortise key. Zinc alloy in mortise key lock provides durability and works by changing the shape of a key when it is pressed.

Five Best Mortise Door Locks for Residential Doors

Let me introduce the Five Best Mortise Door Locks designs made from Zinc Alloy for Modern Era Residential Doors. These designs have their own benefits and different looks by its products codes and looks. Read the below-mentioned details for each one with its respective product codes.

mortise door lock set
mortise door lock set

1. ZA201K:- It is super strong and thick-made. It will not open accidentally. It is easy to open with 3 keys. It does not require any tool for installation. The handle shaft is quite thick. The Zinc alloy handles are too easy to work on with your hands. Zinc alloy is well polished.

2. ZA202K:- Strong. Very tough. Easy to install. Superior strength-to-weight ratio. Cons:- Does not fit most of our layouts. It May not fit some models due to the door profile.

3. ZA203K: Locking Steel Pindot & Quality Master Door Locks Set. Pros:- They are easy to install and do not require any tool for installation. The stainless steel finishes give a refined look to your door. Easy to adjust.

4. ZA204K: Modern architectural solid design gives the doors eye-catching looks Witch a super selective handles above all products.

5. ZA206K: Stylish but sleek design gives modern and bold looks to Resident Doors however still a high-strength design quality overall.

Benefits of Zinc mortise door lock set

  • High Strength
  • Durable
  • Bold Looks
  • High Demand Product
  • Fine Finish and Value For Money


Mortise Door lock set made from Zinc is highly recommended by many end-users and architects because of its solid looks and high value for money product. You can always welcome to ask for the current market price by contacting us by calling on +91 90332 99992 and What’s App. : +91 94292 89250.

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mortise handle set is a proven technology that lets every door secure with high combination locks. With the rise of modern Architecture, Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks have become the definitive choice for Construction Companies and Builders, Architectures, Wholesale dealers, consumers, and businesses alike.

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