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SS butt hinges

Here you can get all types of door hinges from the manufacturer and suppliers in Rajkot. therefore SS Butt Hinges from TNI is a smart choice to get the best quality stainless steel hinges for doors at a competitive price for your door fittings bulk requirement.

In addition, these hinges are smooth movement and finely finished which helps door and cabinet operation quite easy and nice. 

4X12 SS Hinges TNI (1)
ss l hinges

L HINGES | SS202 | 1.5MM

Actually, SS L Hinges also known as kitchen Cabinet Door hinges, or Furniture’s small door hinges. In other words, L Type Hinges are the best option for china make auto hinges or concealed cabinet hinges.

Above all, We offer types of door hinges, SS L hinges at a competitive price for your kitchen cabinet doors and furniture fittings bulk requirements.


The Main Difference between SS Ball Bearing Hinges and SS Butt Hinges is the “Ball Bearings” within the central pivot of hinges, Therefore these hinges mainly use for heavy doors, main or front doors of flats or homes.

However, the “Ball Bearings” allow the heaviest doors to move freely and anyone can open and close such doors easily. Above all SS Ball Bearings Hinges widely used for Fire Exit doors, industrial doors or gates, and custom-made heavy doors.




SS FLUSH DOOR HINGES are the best option for Main Doors and Bathroom Doors, Similarly, The Two Ball bearings within the pivot make them good for heavy Doors as they can hold as much weight as butt hinges and Ball-bearing hinges. 

In addition, FLUSH DOOR HINGES are very easy to fix, they can be fastened to the door frame with ease.


specifically, SS PARLIAMENT HINGES are known for their “H” shape. Hence allows Doors or Windows to move clear of trim and lay flat after opened. In other words, these hinges used to let doors and Windows move to open full up to 180 degrees.

In Fact, these hinges are used for wide Doors and windows for batter grip areas on the door surface.

SS202-W-types of door hinges-TNI


Basically, SS W hinges are mainly used for office furniture’s wide doors or cabinets. equally important these hinges almost hide after fixing in furniture cabinets.

Also, the W shape allows doors to be open and stay at 90 degrees.

moreover, these hinges also use for above-head cabinet doors which can be opened upside and stay open at 90 degrees.


SS Stone Hinges are useful to connect doors with cement frames. consequently, the blank side of the hinges flap is fixed in the cement frame, and another side with holes holds the door.

Indeed, These Stone hinges are widely useful for small commercial projects and low-budget households. beyond carpenter operations are limited and builders like to build with nominal costs structures.

Moreover, these hinges also can be fixed with Steel gates where the fixer can fix them with an electrical weld.

stainless steel Z HINGES | SS202

SS Z Hinges are also known as Wardrobe hinges. In fact, Z hinges are fixed in the wardrobe door and it will not visible from outside. Z hinges are fixed within the edge of the wardrobe doors and hide behind the mica.

Additionally, We offer SS Z Type hinges at competitive prices for your wardrobe doors and furniture fittings bulk requirements. We are manufacturers and suppliers of SS Z hinges in Rajkot Gujarat, INDIA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How All Types of Door Hinges help open and close doors easily​?


Basically, Door hinges made from Stainless Steel play a vital role in making the opening and closing of more smother, rust-free, and durable. The mechanism behind the door hinges is, one pair of Stainless steel plates are attached with each other by centre pivotal pins, hence doors can move smoothly. In addition to getting more durability, the centre pivotal pins are covered with the help of welding from both sides. These hinges are made from many different types of materials and are a mandatory part of any Door.

What steel Materials Used to Manufacture All Types of Door Hinges?

Some of the SS Materials Grades that are used to make SS hinges include SS202, SS304. where SS201 is a commercial or regular quality product for cheap hinges making where SS304 and SS316 use to make for Export Quality SS hinges and the highest known quality.

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