stainless steel Parliament Hinges


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Products Description​:

Sizes:        100-150 mm, 

Size (in inches):  4″ and 5″

Color:    Silver Matt

Brand:    “TNI”

Minimum Order Quantity: Minimum Order Quantity: Subject to Master Pack as per size sheet


• Sturdy design • Excellent finish • Accurate dimension

Product Specification:

SS PARLIAMENT HINGES is known for its “H” shape which allows Doors or Windows to move clear of trim and lay flat after opening, which means these hinges are used to let doors and Windows move to open full up to 180 degrees.

These hinges are mainly used for wide Doors and windows for batter grip areas on the door surface. Also, These hinges keep Door Away from the Wall.

Some Similar Names: parlament hinges butterfly hinges, wide throw hinges, Projection hinges

“TNI” SS PARLIAMENT HINGES are designed to perform long-lasting door movement with the lowest struggle for Wide-angle Doors while fixing and daily 180-degree movements, these hinges stay rust-free for a long period of time because it is made from rust-free stainless steel Material grade.

“TNI” SS PARLIAMENT HINGES immediately entered the TOP-50 of the best SS PARLIAMENT HINGES brands in the World.

Available Finish:

🔸Matt Steel

🔸Antique Finish

🔸Black Powder Quote


1) 100% Stainless steel PARLIAMENT HINGES.

2) Pure stainless steel door hinge, easy to install.

3) SS202 grade steel.

4) Welded/Flat Type Hinges.

5) Fire Tested Products.

6) Five knuckles for extra smoothness & strength.

7) Rust resistance.

8) Full gauge Hinges.

9) Perfect quotation for countersunk screws.

10) Suitable for both sides’ out-swing & in-swing Movement of the door.

11) Specially lubricated for smooth movement and to stop creaking noise in hinges while opening & closing the door.

12) Special lubrication is used accordingly suitable under all weather conditions.

13) Specially designed & packed for quality preferred.

14) Five knuckles for extra smoothness & strength

15) Applicable on both doors interior & exterior.

16) FINISH- Satin finish hinges to make your Door look superior.

17) ARCHITECTURAL QUALITY- Each hinge is Machined for precise installation and smooth movement.

18) EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE- Priced at nearly half off the name brands while not sacrificing quality standards.

19) Stainless steel material is much stronger & durable than all metals (Steel, Brass, Aluminium, or Zinc). Nowadays maintenance & services cost too high to bear, So everyone demands durable material products with low maintenance & maximum utility in their high-end premises

20) Generally known As Parliament hinge, Expandable hinge, Wide throw hinge, Large hinge, Swing clear hinge, Offset Hinge

21) Only clean with simple cotton cloth, rubbing increases finish life.

22) Don’t use chemicals to clean

Special offers for Wholesalers, Purchase Managers, procurement managers, Construction Entrepreneurs, and B2B Customers.

Manufacturer and Exporter: The Nature International

Size Chart

SS PARLIAMENT HINGES from TNI, Size 4” and 5″ (Make in India)

Product CodeSize In MMKnown As                Piece in BoxBoxes in Master PackPackaging Per Master Pack/Piece
R-359100 X 504” X 2”1215180
R-360100 X 754” X 3”1215180
R-361100 X 1004” X 4”1212144
R-362100 X1 1254” X 5”1212144
R-363125 X 1005” X 4”41664
R-364125 X 1255” X 5”41664
R-365125 X 1505” X 6”41664
R-366125 X 2005” X 8”41664


Model NumberAs per Size Chart
ColorSS Matt Finish
Types of Door hingesButt/Welded Hinges/French Door Hinges
Suitable ForAs per the Size Chart
Model NameAs per Size Chart
Brand ColorSS Matt Finish/ Antique Finish
FinishMatte SS

Additional Features

Rust ResistantYes


covered in WarrantyManufacturing Defects Only
Not Covered in WarrantyRough Use And Damage

Names in Different Languages:

  • Hindi: butterfly kabja, wide throw kabja, Projection kabja
  • Gujarati: butterfly Mijagara,  french door Mijagara
  • Española:  butterfly Bisagara, wide throw Bisagara, Projection Bisagara

Frequently Asked Questions

What is parliament hinges ?


parliament hinges Door hinges specially made from Stainless Steel play a vital role in making the opening and closing of Doors, a smoother task. Stainless steel makes Door operation more smother, rust-free, and durable for a lifetime. One pair of Stainless steel plates are attached with each other by centre pivotal pins hence doors can move forward easily or backward smoothly. For more durability of the centre of the hinge, pivotal pins are covered with the help of welding from both sides. Steel Door Hinges are made from many different types of materials and are a mandatory part of Door Fittings.

What steel Materials Used to Manufacture Stainless Steel parliament hinges?

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Some of the SS Materials Grades that are used to make SS hinges include SS202, SS304. where SS201 is a commercial or regular quality product for cheap hinges making where SS304 and SS316 use to make for Export Quality SS hinges and the highest known quality.

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What are our unique features?

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SS PARLIAMENT HINGES known for its “H” shape which allows Doors or Windows to move clear of trim and lay flat after opened, which means these hinges used to let doors and Windows move to open full up to 180 degrees.

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The wholesaler and Importers may contact for City-Wise or Country Dealership purpose, Brand Name: “TNI” SS202 and SS304 Grade Available.

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