mortise door lock

SS304 Mortise Door Lock

mortise door lock

The Ultimate Guide to Mortise Door Locks

Mortise door lock also knows as mortise handle set which comes with one pair of handles, one brass cylinder lock with three ultra keys, and Lock Body. mortise handle set made from Stainless Steel 304 grade is mainly procured for economical projects.

In the SS304 mortise handle, we do have six designs or models to choose from. Over that let’s have complete information over this product.

What is a Mortise Door Lock?

Mortise door locks are employed at offices, apartments, malls, stores, and others. There is only a door lock with one pass lock and two additional keys to open and lock the door. Plate-type mortise handle set with extra dimensions like cylinder keys can be produced from Stainless Steel 304 to add a modern look to your home. Check for product and purchase information.

sS304 Mortise Door Locks

SS 304 is the newest standard for stainless steel in the world. SS 304 steel is made from 60% Stainless steel and 40% Nickel. The three components steel, carbon& nickel create nonmagnetic steel. SS 304 steel has a shiny luster and is hard-wearing. SS304 is the most under-metal for seashore areas where humidity is higher then land-locked areas.

Mortise Door Locks: SS 304 Mortise Handels are an integral part of lock installation. The key role of the handle in locking the door is the key role in either opening or closing the door.

Cost of Mortise Door Locks

Mortise door handles made from SS304 cost approximately INR 1500.00 and up with the highest price of the most-est store of 15+ products is about INR 2000.00. The cost per lock can be measured based on your job requirements and this is the number that will tell you what kind of fix are you buying for your area. These are the most common kind of mortise door handle with 3 Ultra Keys

Benefits of Mortise Door Locks

The best feature of the Mortise door lock is the set comes with one pair of handles, with three ultra keys and a Lock Body. The two handles are placed opposite to one another. The reason to put these handles opposite to one another is so that when the door handle is closed the three keys will press to one another, then when the door is opened the keys will be pressed to each other again and automatically unlock the door.

The same thing happens even with a third key so they are known as a three key set. The brass cylinder lock has three ultra keys. The lock body will form a complete cylinder when a lock is opened and close. Each of the three ultra keys is pre-drilled for insertion to one another. The two handles are fixed in one brass cylinder (or are locked in the cylinder).


Nowadays, with mortise door locks, Quality and Price are very important aspects one has to think over, hence our prime recommendation is to buy a mortise handle manufacturer in Rajkot because steel products made from Rajkot are superior in quality and value for money. You are always welcome to communicate over design and bulk quotation +91 90332 99992 and What’s app +91 94292 89250.


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for mortise door lock manufacturers in India?

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The “TNI” mortise door lock immediately entered the TOP-50 of the best door hinges brands in India.

Which Steel Grades are Available?

On a regular basis and according to market demand SS304 Steel Gardes are available and widely acceptable. However special orders are always welcome.

Which Finishes are available with mortise lock manufacturers in India?

As of now, we are making SS Matt Finis, Antique Finish. These Two Finishes are sure in demand.

The minimum order quantity for mortise handle set?

For, MOQ for order are 50 sets