SS Hinge Rajkot: No.1 Supplier of Quality Stainless Hinges

SS Hinge Rajkot provides a variety of hinges. They offer hinges for doors, Windows Cabinet doors, and more. Their hinges are made from materials such as stainless steel 202 and 304. Customers give them four stars out of 5 on Yelp.

Stainless Steel Door Hinges

SS Hinges are a leading Hinges made of Door Hinges in India. The hinges are available in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any apartment or hotel. These are available at Godown delivery on order placement.

SS Hinge Rajkot for Projects:

Door Hinges are Butt Hinges, L Hinges, Parlament Hinges, and Flush Hinges they are the most common types for projects. Hinges connect the door to the frame and allow the door to move freely which can change alignment and direction in multiple directions. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and we sell them with fully loaded hinges to ensure the correct closing position.

SS Hinge Rajkot

SS Butt Welding Hinges

SS Butt Welding Hinges are usually made from 100% stainless steel and offer maximum corrosion resistance. It can make 90-degree angle corners with an opening.

Product Specification:

Get the Best Stainless Steel Door hinges from manufacturers and suppliers in Rajkot. SS Hinges from TNI are a smart choice to get the best quality hinges at a competitive price for your door fittings’ bulk requirements. These hinges are smooth movement and finely finished which helps door and cabinet operation quite easily and nicely. “TNI” Door hinges are designed to perform long-lasting door movement with the lowest struggle and hinges stay rust-free for a long period of time.

The “TNI” SS Door Hinges immediately entered the TOP-50 of the best door hinges brands in India.

  • 🔸Matt Steel
  • 🔸Antique Finish
  • 🔸Black Powder Quote

1) 100% Stainless steel Hinges.
2) Available in SS202 and SS304 grades.
3) Welded Flat Type Hinges.
4) Rust resistance.
5) Full gauge Hinges.
6) Perfect quotation for counter sunk screws.
7) Specially lubricated for smooth movement and stop creaking noise in hinges while opening & closing door.
8) Special lubrication used accordingly suitable under all weather conditions.
9) Specially designed for qualified customers.

10) FINISH- Satin finish hinges to make your Door look superior.

11) ARCHITECTURAL QUALITY- Each hinge is Machined for precise installation and smooth movement.

12) EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE- Priced at nearly half off the name brands while not sacrificing on quality standards.

Product Specification for L Hinges:

SS L Hinges also known as kitchen Cabinet Door hinges or Furniture’s small door hinges. L Type Hinges are the best option for china make auto hinges or concealed cabinet hinges.

We offer SS L hinges at a competitive price for your kitchen cabinet doors and furniture fittings bulk requirements. We are manufacturer and suppliers of SS Hinge Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA.

These hinges are mainly used for the kitchen cabinets and Furniture’s small doors, The different sizes of two steel plates allow them to fix with narrow frames and wide shutters. It helps the door open at a 180-degree angle by utilization of full cabinet space.

“TNI” SS Hinge Rajkot is designed to perform long-lasting door movement with the lowest struggle while fixing it and hinges stay rust-free for a long period of time.

The “TNI” SS Door Hinges immediately entered the TOP-50 of the best door hinges brands in India.

Available Finish:

  • Matt Steel
  • Antique Finish
  • Black Powder Quote


Basically, purchase from SS Hinge Rajkot is not so much about the hinges themselves but the way they are used. SS Hinges Rajkot uses high-quality materials to ensure that their clients get long-lasting hinges for their doors, windows, and cabinets.

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