The Best 4 Inch Stainless Steel Door Hinges: An Honest Review

These are high-quality 4 inch stainless steel door hinges. This is exactly what the title says it is. It is some of the best hinges I’ve seen. They are perfect for any door, they are strong and reliable, and look really nice!

What are the best 4 inch stainless steel door hinges?

My Home has two front doors, so it was a good idea to find some that can be used on both of them. Both doors have hinges that are extra inches in length and are not compatible with these Doors. So, for convenience’s sake, I decided to buy two different ones. I researched on the internet and found these two hinges. They fit both doors and they’re perfect for them.

It has to be of good quality!

It has to be all metal for the most part. These doors are on a steel structure and they have some steel in them. These hinges are from one of the most renowned manufacturers in INDIA. In fact, the same manufacturer manufactured our many types of Door Hinges.

4 inch stainless steel door hinges

Easy installation!

In the picture, you can see how the bottom is one piece and has a fastener. It’s a pin and screw.

What do they look like?

Yes, they do look like the images! These have a great quality build to them, feel solid, and look great.

How do they perform?

To perform these hinges, you will need to take them out of the box and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Which screws to use?

There are 4 screws. They slide in, attach to the door, and then hold the door closed.

How much does it cost?

These cost about $20, and you don’t need to pay for shipping. (Makes me really sad that my door didn’t come with hinges, but Amazon says there is a standard packaging type that they use for delivery).

ss hinges manufacturers in rajkot


You can buy the same exact hinges with free shipping from FedEx.

Fit into any door easily, and you do not need to purchase any extra hinges to use them.

This hinge is made from high-quality stainless steel.

Why should you buy them?

High quality. They have a good weight to them, they are well made, and they are very durable.

Stainless steel material. This means they are rust-free and easy to clean.

They are easy to install. These hinge joints can either screw into the casing or be pressed into the casing. They are easy to install without damage to the hardware.

These hinge joints can be installed by the homeowner.

What is the price for the best 4-inch stainless steel door hinges?

You can buy the best 4 inch Stainless Steel Door Hinges for around $14.99. That is not much for such high quality!

What is the model number?

Check This Link and Visit Maker’s Website:


They are really high quality. I bought these door hinges for my kitchen.

The verdict

These are heavy-duty door hinges and my door was able to remain secure as I opened the door and closed it repeatedly. If you are looking for a well-made hinge for your new or existing door, then these are worth getting! I’ve had the hinges for over a year now and haven’t had any issues.

Have you been searching for a 4 inch door hinge? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! These are high quality 4 inch stainless steel door hinges. This is exactly what the title says it is. It is some of the best hinges I’ve seen. They are perfect for any door, they are strong and reliable, and look really nice!

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