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Our 4 inch stainless steel door hinges are sturdy and built to last. They can withstand all types of weather conditions and protect your doors from any kind of damage. Not only do these hinges hold up well, but they also look great and blend well with any kind of door and can be used on exterior and interior doors alike.

Why should you buy these 4 inch stainless steel door hinges?

If you have a house with a steel frame or a pre-made frame with metal studs, you are pretty much stuck with a single door hinged to the inside of the door. That’s where these 4 inch stainless steel door hinges come in. These door hinges are made of stainless steel and they have all the tools to accommodate either a pre-made or self-hanging door.

This means that you can be assured that you are getting a solid hinged door that will look great on your doors and they can also handle the weather conditions as weather stripping can. These door hinges come in 7 different sizes and shapes. They have a metal alloy and they are resistant to scratches and dents. They will also hold up well to time and should last you a while. These are built to be tough.

4 inch stainless steel door hinges

Which type of door can these hinges be used on?

The 4 inch stainless steel door hinges can be used on any kind of door, but generally, they will be used on exterior doors. These hinges are suitable for all interior and exterior doors, such as the exterior doors that are more commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Does size matter?

Parliament hinges sizes

If you’re looking for a 4 inch stainless steel door hinges, size really doesn’t matter as you can get them in many different sizes. However, it’s a good idea to get them for the widest door opening available.

What are the different types of door hinges available?

Some door hinges are slightly wider and some are slightly narrower. This means you can get door hinges with the exact same dimensions, but if you’re going to use them on an exterior door, then you’ll want them to have a larger width.

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What are the features of our 4 inch stainless steel door hinges that make them the best on the market?

These ‘TNI’ Hinges are Made in the INDIA.

No rust, No denting, Built to last, Easy to install, Eco friendly

Proprietary process for building hinges

Compatible with all types of doors

Easy to remove

How can you choose the right type of 4 inch stainless steel door hinges?

1. For exterior doors

Most of the doors you will find in stores or online are already mounted. But to protect your doors from harsh weather conditions, you can either make new holes or purchase a set of hinges that will mount inside the existing holes. Since 4 inch doors hinges are a bit smaller, you will find most of these hinges available in the 4 inch and 8-inch options.

2. For interior doors

4 inch and 5 inch hinges can be used to mount the interior Doors as well. Check the below link for more information.


What is the warranty on these hinges?

The warranty on these hinges is 3 years and is included in the price of our door hinges. You can extend this warranty by one year by calling our customer support department and will have to pay an extra $20 for it.

Will these hinges come in different lengths?

They are made up of many parts and they are adjustable and can be placed to make them compatible to any door size. You can choose the required size you need. We also have a wide range of compatible sizes for installation.

How long do they take to arrive?

Most door hinges are delivered straight from the factory. They come in flat cardboard boxes and are shipped from the best company in India. Once they arrive, the hinges can be mounted on the door and finished in minutes.

How do I install my new 4 inch stainless steel door hinges?

Not only are these 4 inch door hinges sturdy, but they’re also easy to install! Simply slide them in place with the head of a screwdriver and secure them with a washer or nut to secure them to the door. Once they’re in place, simply screw a screw to the back of the door or to the face plate of your door for a professional finish. Check out our other door hinge guides for more inspiration or watch the installation video to see just how easy they are.

What type of door is best for my 4 inch door hinges?

4 inch hinges are great for Opening wide doors, like closet doors

Being used on interior doors, including picture frames and bathroom door

How much do 4 inch stainless steel door hinges cost?

You can easily get 4 inch stainless steel door hinges for as low as $4 or as high as $18.

Do I need any extra tools to install these hinges?

Although these hinges may not come with any additional hardware, they are easy to install and can be put together without a lot of extra tools.

It is best to have a bolt and washer included with your purchase to make the installation of your hinges a little easier. It is also advisable to clean the front of your door for a better hinge installation. We recommend that you clean your door before putting the hinges on because they will make a big difference and it will remove any chemicals or dirt from the front of your door.

If your door is different from the ones we have listed in the table above, then you will need to consult the expert that installs your hinges for your specific door.

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These top 10 best 4 inch stainless steel door hinges have all the good stuff. They feature strong and tough materials to ensure your door stays fastened and that it won’t fall apart. They are also perfect for residential or commercial doors and are built to last a long time.

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