What are SS Hinges, How to Use Them, and Why They’re Worth It, Where to Buy them:


SS Hinges are very important part of any Door they hang the door all the time also keeping them operational.

Here will try share each and every detail on SS Hinges why they are worth it and how to use them while fixing the door.

Also we share one example of ss hinges 4 inch and ss hinges price list from one of the market leader organization from Rajkot-Gujarat.

What are SS Hinges?

Door hinges created particularly of stainless-steel play a crucial role in creating the doors open and shut, stainless-steel makes Door operation additional smother, rust-free, and sturdy for a time period. One try of stainless-steel plates ar connected with one another by center important pins thence doors will move forward simply or backward swimmingly.

Why They’re Worth It:

SS higes worthwhile becouse they’re rustless and take high wight doors for loger amount of your time. for additional sturdiness of the middle of the hinge, important pins ar coated with the assistance of attachment from either side.

Steel Door Hinges ar made up of many alternative kinds of materials and ar a compulsory a part of Door Fittings. additionally value ar continuously compatative and easly offered in big selection in any market.

How To Use Them:

While selecting any hinges one have to keep some factors in mind 1) Hight : Widhth : Thickness and Wight of Door (2) Position of Door (3) space for after keeping the door open

By keeping these factors in mide one can choose best hinges according to situation and budget of project. You can check these links for more understanding over diffrent types of hinges.

Types of Door Hinges: Top 8 Types of Door Hinges

Where to Buy them:

Buyers like Wholesalers, Purchase Managers, procurement managers, Construction Entrepreneurs, and B2B Customers don’t have to head a hardware store as they can buy Stainless steel hinges online.

Choose from an exclusive range of SS hinges online and get the best pick by checking different types of SS hinges for Doors and Windows.

TNI Hinges is best known as the Leading SS Hinges Manufacturer in Rajkot. They leading manufacturer of SS Butt Hinges in Rajkot-Gujarat & SS Bearing Hinges Manufacturer in Rajkot-Gujarat. Our Industrial Factory and Office is located in Rajkot, Gujarat. We supply Premium Hinges in various cities in India. TNI Hinges is the leading and largest SS dealer in India that exports quality Hinges to countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Middle East, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia and Africa.

TNI Hinges is a leading provider of SS Hinges in India. They are best known for high quality products.

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The Advantages of Using SS Hinges:

Stainless Steel Door Hinges connect the Door or window to a wall and hence made from SS202 and SS304 materials grades that can withstand extreme wear and tear.

Suggested by several prime door makers or on-line e-commerce corporations like Flipkart.com chrome steel could be a standard material accustomed manufacture hinges. chrome steel is low value and rust-resistant thence creating it the foremost most well-liked material amongs the veriesus metals hinges.

Example of ss hinges 4 inch and price list.

We will understand some technicality of hinges by the example of ss hinges 4 inch long.

These hinges also called welded or butt hinges in business personnel languages. in the term ‘ss hinges 4 inch’ four inch is the length of hinges but it does not end there. one hinges have many detailed dimension after that it consist of height 4 inch width 1 inch for each flap and central pin width and most important is thickness of hinges which decides the strength of any hinges and price for the same.

Ps: Catagory falls under ss hinges hsn code: 8302.

ss hinges price list

As we already disucssed above hinges price mainly depends upon its thickness however there are more factors also effect the price of ss hinges like Finish, Size, Type of the hinges, and moreover hinges grades plays very important roles in hinges price.

Click below link to download price list of ‘TNI’ Brand made in Rajkot-Gujarat-India.

ss hinges price list Download


That’s all, you’ll check ss hinges on-line by clicking below link and if you’ve got any queries you’ll directly decision our sales team or client care team on +91 90332 99992. Our team can assist you to decide on the simplest SS hinges for your demand. make certain concerning what hinges you’re shopping for for your door! Don’t create the incorrect purchase you’ll take the assistance of this comprehensive list can assist you selected right hinges and small print to appear into whereas choosing ss door hinges

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