Top 10 Best Locks for Door Handles: Safely Secure Your Home!

These locks for door handles are designed to provide a simple and effective means of locking doors inside, outside, or both. In many cases, the lock can be mounted directly onto your existing door handle with matching screw holes. The cylinder locks are then wound into place when the key is turned. Whether you need extra security in your home, or just want to give yourself an added layer of protection when you’re away, these locks for door handles will provide you with improved peace

Locks for Door Handles

The Top 10 Locks for Door Handles

‘TNI’ Euro profile Cylinder Locks

TNI‘ has been in business for more than 5 years, and for that reason, they are one of the leading and most well-known manufacturers of locks for door handles, including mortice Handel set and Steel Hinges.

One of their most popular products is the Mortice Handels Lock and Euro profile Cylinder locks. As the name would suggest, this lock will not only secure the door to your home but also to your whole house – or business – in the event of a break-in.

This lock installs in seconds. All you need is a compatible door handle, and the simple installation process is completed in minutes.

To maintain the integrity of the lock itself, you simply need to give it a lock in and wash it, then insert the key when you leave.

Benefits of Using These Locks for Door Handles

Sometimes a simple upgrade can make all the difference when it comes to reducing burglaries. When using this lock for door handles, you won’t need to worry about getting it dirty and ruining your beautiful door handles.

You can rest assured that your door will remain pristine, even after an extended period of use. Using this lock for door handles, you won’t need to worry about break-ins as you’ll be alerted of any. It’s also a smart way to make your home feel a little bit safer.

This portable cylinder lock is easy to install and fits easily onto the post on the inside or outside of your door.

How to Choose the Right door handles that lock for Your Home

Obviously, these locks aren’t for heavy-duty door locks. If you have a heavy door with substantial hardware, a better option is a deadbolt lock. These locks are more likely to be installed in door frames than cylinder locks, and can generally be installed with a single lever, as opposed to individual keys.

If you have a door with four or more locks, you’ll likely find that a cylinder lock is more appropriate, because this will provide enough security for your home. Also, while most locking cylinder locks have a limited amount of storage, deadbolt locks do not.

They should be able to fit onto an exterior deadbolt at a space that’s secure and inconspicuous, such as a hollow square, or a divider in a lock combination box.

Types of Locks for Door Handles set

One Side Key One Side knob Cylinder Lock

There are several different types of locks for door handles, each with its own unique benefits. Some of the most popular door knob lock cylinder locks include the OSK TNI locks for door handles, Both side Keys and Bath Type Cylinder Locks.

OSK TNI keyed lock has a heavy-duty non-reciprocating cylinder with five roll pins. The pins spin freely and all the pins and the cylinder are well-machined to provide secure locking. In order to use the key, you must turn the key counterclockwise, and all pins will then rotate together.

This configuration provides superior security and allows you to use a special locking method without having to remove the key ring.

The Dual-Action cylinder is similar to the rest Cylinders but with one key in each cylinder.


These locks are small, lightweight, and easy to install. However, their installation requires drilling or threading the hole into the door frame, or some other object that has a diameter larger than the cylinder of the lock.

This is a step you may not want to take if you don’t have or want to hire a professional door repair company. Additionally, the locks are the same height as a standard doorknob. They aren’t designed to be installed as part of a more decorative door makeover.

Although, they do provide the convenience of not having to use a key, which is a nice plus. But, they are too small and light to provide reliable security for keeping a thief out. If you don’t need or want to use a key, however, these locks can be a fun way to add security at your door.

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