All You Need to Know About L Hinges for Doors and Cabinets

L hinges can be used on kitchen cabinets, especially in a modern kitchen where the cabinetry needs a little something more. The typical draw-latch is fine for some cabinets, but some doors need a little bit more function. The addition of an l-hinge will give that extra special touch to your cabinet.

L Hinges

What Are L Hinges?

A L hinge is a part of a cabinet door that allows the door to swing open and allow in an outside breeze or allow access to the interior when locked. But, the “operation” is controlled by the frame, while the “movement” is controlled by the Hinges.

The other type of hinge is a 90-degree lock type, which uses the inbuilt lock to keep the door at 90 degrees after the opening of the door. The central pivot locks hinge the need to keep the door open at 90 degrees. In a cabinet door, Most doors with small size doors are made to match your exterior doors.

Pros and Cons l hinges cabinets

l hinges provide a secure, simple, and easy-to-install mechanism. They also reduce the effort and time involved in tightening or adjusting your doors and cabinets. The only downside of l hinges is that they can affect the way you open your doors and cabinets, but this is not a big deal.

Materials Used for Doors

L hinges can be made from several different materials, such as brass or stainless steel. However, the most preferred option is the Stainless Steel hinge. This material is light and thin, which makes it highly durable and easy to install.

l hinges are available in many different finishes and sizes. These include in l hinges size chart. These designs help give your door a unique look.

SS L Hinges from TNI, Size 3” (Make in India)

Product CodeSize In MMKnown As                ThicknessPiece in BoxBoxes in Master PackPackaging Per Master Pack/Piece
R-23475 X 10 X 63 X 6 X 3/81.5MM3620720
R-23575 X 10 X 123 X 12 X 3/81.5MM3620720
R-23675 X 10 X 193 X 19 X 3/81.5MM3620720
R-23775 X 10 X 253 X 25 X 3/81.5MM3620720

When Should You Use l hinges cabinets?

This depends on your cabinet’s door. What you’re trying to achieve with your door is whether you want to open it slightly or be able to open it from the top. L-Hinges fit your door perfectly to get you to either a decent position or somewhere in between.

If you are looking for a specific reason to use l hinges then they are ideal for people who own small cabinet doors, or perhaps doors from overhead, which have a little “kink” in them. These doors have been bent, often after being painted with a topcoat that has a tendency to push down on them. An air-pressured hinge will overcome this and allow you to raise the top hinge to allow the top hinge to glide under the bottom hinge to open the door.

What are the benefits of using the L hinge?

l hinges are stylish and are a modern aesthetic option. The l-hinge keeps your cabinet open and in place, while still maintaining a professional look. l hinges can be made from stainless steel or galvanized steel.

The use of l hinges requires a little more planning than a traditional latch and comes with the distinct drawback of an l hinge often needing to be installed right side up, while a latch needs to be installed upside down. Installation is still a good idea if you have work to do because it makes the room look more complete.


Unlike traditional Hinges for cabinet doors, an L Hinge is easier to install and less complex. These are usually available in Four Major Sizes l hinges 6mm, 12mm,19mm, and 25mm. The l-hinge offers the same amount of adjustability but adds the ability to open and close a door. Plus, they add a bit of extra interest to your door with 90-degree lock types to keep it open.

Some Product Types

Here’s a list of the types of hinges you can find on the market, along with their weights, features, and prices.

Types of hinges

L hinge made from SS

Butt Hinges

Flush hinge