Heavy Duty Parliament Hinges: The Best Hardware for Your Doors

Heavy duty parliament hinges allow the door or window to open 180 degrees and by keeping a good distance from the door frame and wall.

Parliament hinges heavy duty is well paired with heavy doors or the doors need to open over the door frame and nearby connected wall.


What are heavy duty parliament hinges?

As we know Parliament hinges allow the door or window to open 180 degrees by keeping a good distance from the door frame and wall. Moreover, heavy duty parliament hinges keep your doors and windows opening outwards to make a smooth arc as they open. When a heavy duty hinge is used it makes the door smother to close and the door can be kinking free during closing. This allows the door to swing outwards and upwards. There are different styles of heavy duty parliament hinges.

There are 4 general types of heavy duty hinges which are presented in the following table.

Why heavy duty parliament hinges work best for doors that open past the doorframe.

1. heavy duty parliament hinges doors that open a lot can be difficult to open. Having an additional hinge opens the door wide enough to open a wide door while keeping a good grip.

2. heavy duty parliament hinges keep the wall from getting damaged. If the heavy duty parliament hinges get damaged from the weight of the door, it may not be able to open the door at all.

3. The heavy duty parliament hinge keeps up the weight from damaging the door. The weight of the door and the heavy hinge can be equal to or less than the weight of the door. So when the hinge is not damaged, the door can be opened at a better speed.

Shop Around: Get the best parliament hinges heavy duty for your door

Now you have to decide which heavy duty parliament hinges will suit your specific needs and budget. Most people turn to the top price of door hinges.

Tips for using heavy duty parliament hinges

Use heavy duty hinges for doors that cannot have a full opening such as on a sofa or bureau.

If you have the space, you can install heavy duty parliament hinges for windows, doors, cabinets and tables, and install a wood stop to prevent it from going all the way through.

In this you can also employ a slightly heavier hinge. This prevents the whole door from moving while it’s open.

This is a set of heavy duty parliament hinges that will allow the door or window to open 180 degrees.

It was designed to fit heavy doors and window frames, if you have such you could go for this set.

We need hinges for our doors and windows but we often don’t consider the overall design and overall structure of the room.


How to measure

Measure the doors and windows using a tape measure. You need a door or window that is 21.5 inches long by 8.5 inches wide.

Use a mounting foot to measure the distance between the ground and the center of the bottom of the hinge. This measurement is 22.5 inches and is a mark you use to cut your hinges.

Cut the Hinges measurement

Find a marking template that works for your door or window hinge. Draw a line 22.5 inches from the floor to the height of the top of your window. You will need a template to create these hinge marks.

Measure with a tape measure: We recommend taking the inside point of the horizontal band, 1/2 the length of the hinge, 2 inches from the top of the window and the top of the door (where the door opens) or door frame to the top of the roof or doorway where you want the hinge.


This collection of heavy duty parliament hinges is suitable for shop or home use. You can always open the door or the window just to help ventilation inside the room when in a big rush.

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