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Door hinges India is the best solution for your home. Do you want to repair or change the door? Then choose the best solution for your house. We are India’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a variety of stainless steel door hinges of all kinds.


Keep your door intact for a long time with marvelous door hinges India. These are made from the best raw materials, which are available in the locality. They are easy to be installed at the desired places and come in low prices. They are available in different shapes that add uniqueness to your door which makes it stand out amidst all others. Order them now before they run out of stock!

Steel Door Hinge Manufacturers India

Welcome to our website, we are Steel Door Hinge Manufacturers India. We manufacture quality hinges for all types of doors. This is a leading company as a manufacturer of high-quality steel door hinges. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industrial standards.

Steel Door Hinge Manufacturers India offers door hinges India in various sizes and configurations. In addition, the material used to make these products is hot-rolled carbon steel, grade 1018. This material gives the hinges an extremely long life, while also making them resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the hot-rolled carbon steel resists water absorption, which makes it an excellent choice for exterior applications.

Get the right door hinges for your door

The Steel Door Hinge Manufacturers India are available for both commercial and residential use. These hinges have been designed with specially rolled threads that fit perfectly into their housings, eliminating the need for screws or other fasteners to hold them in place. They also have a non-removable pin that prevents them from rotating around the hinge axis, ensuring that they stay firmly in position throughout their service lives. In addition, they’re available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any application or door style.*

It was all about performance

The durability and strength of our products make us rank high in the industry. Our products are available in the market at very genuine prices which are highly affordable by the clients. The world-class raw material which we use to manufacture these products is sourced from reliable suppliers of the market.

Hinges are an essential part of any door, giving it the ability to swing open and shut. The hinges on a door can also provide a strong visual statement about the style, value, and beauty of the home. If you want to add more appeal to your home, you should check out our wide selection of interior door hinges today.

Buy reliable and high-quality door hinges India online at wholesale price.

Door hinges in India are very important in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The quality of these hinges plays a vital role in the durability, productivity, and safety of the whole structure. There are various varieties of door hinges in India available for your selection. It is essential to choose only those that are made from high-quality materials.

Fire-rated door hinges: Are you planning on renovating a building? Then you must consider purchasing fire-rated door hinges for all doors in the building. They are strong, long-lasting, durable, and do not corrode easily. You will be able to

To get proper functionality, corrosion resistance, and longevity from the hinges installed on your doors, one needs to buy made from high-quality materials that can give you value for money.

Concealed hinges for doors india

Takeaway: Knowing the right hinge for your door would save you time, money, and frustration.


All the hinges that we offer are manufactured with high-quality steel, therefore you could easily find the product of your choice from our huge collection. So, if you are looking for a reliable hinge supplier in India, door hinges India is your best bet, so what are you waiting for, all you need to do is just log on to and avail of all our services at a reasonable price range.

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