The Best Butt Hinges for Heavy Doors

Butt Hinges for Heavy Doors can be made from many different metals, however, we are going to understand this topic with ss hinges for heavy doors and main doors.

The Full form of ‘ss hinges’ is ‘stainless steel hinges’ and in layman’s terms, we can also call
‘steel butt hinges’ too.

Butt Hinges for Heavy Doors

What are ss butt hinges?

As per definition butt hinges come in ‘butt’ means butterfly and the one is a ‘flap’, the flap is one of the main parts of a hinge and they come in two equal parts with different thicknesses.

SS hinges are a very wide range product whereas many sizes and different thicknesses come in like 3″, 4″ and 5″ with 1.8mm, 1.5mm, and 2.5mm steel plate thickness.

Major benefits of butt hinges

1. Durable

SS butt hinges do not have any vulnerability to shock, breaking, or fatigue from too much bending as it has a strength-to-weight ratio that is very good, it will not break or bend.

2. Low maintenance

The reason behind this is that they are non-rusting, so they will last even if we do not polish them, so there is not any maintenance required, and they will not get rusty or damaged.

ss butt hinges

Why choose stainless steel butt hinges?

Well, stainless steel butt hinges have some more advantages over other metal hinges.

The doors made with stainless steel butt hinges have better looks and durability than other metal hinges.

It is also better at supporting the weight of large and heavy doors.

Its perfect quality has also improved and it has come up with good strength and good flexibility to support the weight and stiffness.

We all know that almost all the doors and the doors of different rooms in our house have different dimensions in them and of course we also know that our particular houses have other measurements and weights too. We can’t handle them all equally. Sometimes due to our ignorance or due to some reasons, we need to handle their different weights and dimensions. It can be very stressful.

How heavy of a door can you install these steel butt hinges on?

The following rule says, that these hinges have a maximum load of 1500kg.

What are the best butt hinges for heavy doors?

One, the models from ‘classic hinge’ are the most common ones we usually choose.


  • hardy, durable, strong
  • stainless steel
  • easy to use
  • doesn’t chip or dent
  • easy to clean
  • customer service
  • No maintenance
  • Value For Money


  • you need to treat them carefully
steel butt hinges

I would highly recommend this hinge because this hinge can be easily installed on the doors.

Which type of door is best for this kind of hinge?

Stainless steel butt hinges are durable and help to make the door solid without any wobble or rattle.

Which type of door is best for this type of hinge?

Main doors, Aluminium framed doors, Lath Doors, Floors, Gates, and Rolling doors.

Stainless steel hinges are the best choice for this kind of door.

What makes a steel butt hinge so durable?

We all know that the best quality hinges are the most durable.

Stainless steel butt hinge made by Brand Name: ‘TNI’ are made in India and we can see that it is very sturdy and ensures that your door is solid and does not wobble or rattle.


So far I want to say that there are many more kinds of butt hinges made in stainless steel, depending on the size of the door and the material used.

‘ss butt hinges’ or Stainless steel butt hinges. The highest quality butt hinge is made of stainless steel so it is sure to last longer.

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