Brass Euro Profile Cylinder: The Best Recommendations To Help You Choose

The Euro Profile cylinder is designed for use with newer euro-style mortise locks with the same outside dimensions as the US Standard Cylinder.

Brass Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

The Brass Euro Profile Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn

Before you choose which brand of cylinder you want to use, you must understand how the EU lock-style cylinder (also known as the Euro Profile cylinder or the US Standard Cylinder) is constructed. If you are considering the 70MM long cylinder (or an extended version, such as the 80-mm long cylinder), the section of the cylinder that holds the keyhole for the cylinders (known as the “tappet”) is NOT the same length as the cylinder (the part that contains the cylinder). The tappet is actually a single piece of metal. The main body of the cylinder (the part that holds the tappet) is constructed with a “nipple” where the tappet would normally be found.

We’ve expanded this guide to explore what you need to know about Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks. We will include everything you need to know, including the benefits of Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks.

What You Need To Know About euro profile cylinder thumbturn

Euro-profile Cylinder Locks locks are also known as Profile Cylinders, Brass Cylinder locks, main Door Locks, Computer Key Locks that tell the story of the growth of this technology. Most people think of Euro-profile Cylinder Locks as a modern and specialized option for standard lock systems.

If you have ever heard of Main Door Lock or Mortise Locks, Euro-profile Cylinder Locks are an integral part of it, Euro-profile Cylinder Locks allow the mortise latch to connect to a person’s performance with external keys.

The Euro-profile Cylinder Lock is actually not all new. Service providers have relied on other old technologies such as dead and locks since the late 90s. Euro-profile Cylinder Lock is an inexpensive way to customize an unlimited number of door handles with a flexible tool that is the most important part of all departmental work while any requirement for exchanging locks, lost keys, and large keys.

Adjustable face inserts and a center pins system can be added to this cylinder.


–Compatible with either US-style mortise locks and metric mortise locks

–Locks into U-bracket assemblies (Lock Body)

–Can accommodate lanyard sizes up to 5 ft.

–Universal bolt-on mounting plate

–Single action



Euro Profile Cylinder Sizes

Size: 60MM | 70MM | 90MM | 100MM | 120MM and 150MM

Parts: Frames: Brass

Dimensions: One Side Key Another side Thumbturn Knob

Weight: According to Size

Types of Brass Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks is a proven technology that allows all doors to be protected with high-performance combination locks. With the growth of modern Architecture, Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks have become a straightforward choice for construction companies and builders, real estate agents, wholesalers, consumers, and businesses alike..

People enjoy using Brass Euro Profile Cylinder Locks over standard locks and locks. Why? It offers more capabilities than Lock Locks. And it can do it all for less than half the cost.

The brass Euro Profile Cylinder includes powerful features that are not available with standard locking systems. Extensive Sizes, Multi Finishes, Key Keys, Additional Security, 50000 combinations, Ultra Key and Normal Keys, Easy Switches, and much more. Also, you can order these from anywhere in the world.

The Brass Euro profile Cylinder is designed for use with newer euro-style mortise locks with the same outside dimensions as the US Standard Cylinder.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The Brass Euro Profile cylinder is the best option for commercial applications because it’s easy to use and doesn’t need extra tools to secure it. The Euro profile has a flat top and is machined so it’s easy to cut. The Euro Profile design also makes it possible for a cash register to be opened with one hand. The most important benefit of the Euro Profile design is it has a flat surface that won’t wear away and that prevents mechanical damage.

There is an issue with the Euro Profile cylinder, however. A commercial cash register is best locked with an interior cylinder. This is because the interior cylinder has less surface area to strike and the tooling is designed to handle lower force. This is also more likely to lock the cash register.


The Euro profile cylinder is a quality, affordable cylinder that can be used with euro locks.

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