Searching for Best Mortise Handle Manufacturer? ‘TNI’ No.1?

With a Short introduction one of the best Best Mortise Handle Manufacturer companies from Rajkot The Nature International and Brand Name: TNI. Most mortise handle manufacturer recommends SS304 and the Major demand in the current market is mortise handle specially the manufacturer from Rajkot, Gujarat-India. The Reason Behind Both Recommendations is mentioned here briefly.

Factors to consider when buying the best mortise handle:

  1. The length of the mortise handle 7″ Inches is the max length for these types of handles. There is a big difference in between all these metals that is SS304, Iron, Zinc, and Brass. While SS304 and Iron handle is really good for economical projects, Zinc and Brass made handle may be heavy.
  2. Also these days, there are people who prefer a high-quality decoration of door handles which can really extend the use of best mortise handles. 

3. The shape of the Mortise handle  Surface is wider compared to other door handles. Its shape has to be rounded, square, or wedge-like. You can not make a square piece of door handle that is easy to open and close. 

4. Cylinder Locks size with mortise handle is the important factor to be considered while selecting these products, once should take good note of the door thickness while selecting the cylinder locks.

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5. Desing: Handel is always one of the major criteria while selecting one has to match the design with the interior of the home or room where the product will go to install. Main doors may need higher security rather than internal doors hence 9″ mortise handle can opt for the same.

While selecting these handles one should always check the space and detailed sizes of the door whether it is the main door or an internal door.

Brass and Zinc metal are wildly acceptable for premium projects and Stainless steel and Iron handles are very much acceptable in economical projects.

6. Finishes: There are so many different Finishes and textures available in the modern market which can be matched with the door and interior of the room.

The nature international and the brand name ‘TNI’

Best Mortise Handle Manufacturer In India  The Nature International is the greatest one from India to make such type of durable and good quality mortise handle. It was the start from the grassroots up. It’s been more than 5 years for the brand to start production in India.

“The Nature International” are Manufactures and Exporter Of SS HingesSS Butt HingesSS L HingesLock SystemsPremium Tower Bolts, and Furniture Fittings. We are having a wide and well-functional Infrastructural unit that is located at Rajkot (Gujarat, India).

The Nature International was Incorporated in the year of 2016 with the vision of delivering a remarkable collection of products with High-Quality Stainless Steel, according to National and International set standards. The international market remains our focus market always, however, we also believe “Make in India” products should be promoted and consumed within India and International markets as well.

Contact Details:  The Nature International 

Office Address: Street No. 18 Samrat Industrial Area, B/h S.T. Workshop, Gondal Road,
Rajkot-360004, Gujarat, India  

Phone No: +91-94292 89250  +91-90332 99992  Email Id: 


Watch the video about Which part of The nature international works in the manufacturing of Mortise Handle- DREAM FOR REAL !!! 

Which is the Best Mortise Handle?

How do we select such attributes and characteristics?  Probably, knowing the features and characteristics of the firm is not sufficient as these have also to be examined by other standards:  Per capita income of an economy may be similar, but its ability to sustain it can be different.  It’s land area and its logistical connectivity and Connectivity (especially over long distances). 

The distance from the coast of the country to the international border provides another point of view.  Goods can be imported and exported and purchased from other countries at times in huge quantities.  Hence, these may have specific locations in particular countries.  For instance, the right location would be inland and as the same has to be near seaports.

Gujarat where TNI is located is the best place among the current world geological areas where goods can be delivered to all countries and by all routes.

Also, the ease of doing business govt. policies making the purchase easier from all over the world. Price according to Quality is always found in all most products in These Industrial areas.


This may make an excellent sidecar handle Manufacturer, but what does our test say, and now what do you think?  Top Mortise Handle Manufacturer Suggested:-Nature International  Natural Iron Handle Product

This may make an excellent handle Manufacturer in Rajkot, but what does our test say, and now what do you think? 

Top Mortise Handle Manufacturer as Suggested:- The Nature International 

What Is That Nature International Company Actually Produce? 

: Expertly crafted with great care.  Artisans over the generations have perfected the process of creating SS304, Iron and Zinc, and Brass handles. 

“The Nature International” manufactures premium Mortise Handle Made By High technology with Top Grade Raw Materials from Rajkot in India. The good quality of the handles are best at all levels and according to international industry standard in India.

Best Mortise Handle