Architectural Hardware: 5 Best Options for Designing Your Home

We manufacture and export a wide range of architectural hardware products. We provide our clients with an exuberant variety of decorative and functional hardware fittings such as SS hinges, door Hinges, SS Mortice Lock, Cabinet Hinges, Tower Bolts, Door Magnet Cather, etc. These products portray the company’s quality and strength in international marketplaces. Our product range is suitable for use in homes, hotels, resorts, villas, and offices; made by us and exported to different parts of the world.

architectural hardware

What’s architectural hardware products?

1. Architectural Hardware, also called door hardware, is generally used in the building of a dwelling to keep doors, windows, gates, hatches, etc. fastened and locked.

2. Architectural Hardware is available in the following styles and types:

– SS Hinges

– L Hinges

– Door Fittings, various sizes, and designs

– Flush Hinges

– Tower Bolts

4. Most manufacturers of Architectural Hardware provide heavy-duty Architectural Hardware such as SS hinges for more durability and fastening.

5. Hinges such as SS hinges provide flexibility for opening and closing doors and letting the door into position.

Why use architectural hardware fittings?

Architectural Hardware is one of the most versatile products for your home. These are accessible in almost every part of the world. They can be easily placed into different parts of your house such as cabinets, doors, windows, and floors. They can be used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. So, one can get maximum output from their investments.

What are the benefits of choosing architectural hardware for your home?

Besides their durability and affordability, architectural hardware is aesthetically pleasing. They help you in styling the property without adding any extra weight. These are renowned for their stunning designs, with dramatic SS matt and antique finish and top-grade finishes. They are ideal for both the customer with and less money.

Where to use it in your home?

In your home, we recommend you use wooden door hinges for your doors and door frames, SS hinges, and L hinges for your cabinets and cabinets doors. When choosing a wooden door SS hinge, we suggest you consider a few things such as its color, size, and its finish. You may use SS hinges for 12 to 14 inches wide doors but we do suggest that you can go for thicker doors with SS hinges.

For the construction of cabinets, we suggest you use our semi-gloss SS hinges with a straight-sloping mortice style and a matt finish. The hinge is grooved on both sides with the top only having a flat surface which makes it less prone to mildew or rot.

About The Company

An architectural hardware Company located in India.



“The Nature International” are Manufactures and Exporter Of SS Hinges, SS Butt Hinges, SS L Hinges, Lock System, Premium Tower Bolts, Furniture Fittings. We are having a wide and well-functional Infrastructural unit that is located at Rajkot (Gujarat, India).

Where can I find the best deals on architectural hardware?

To buy from our website you can login to our website, click on “Contact Us” and follow the steps that are given. It will give you a simple and easy way of contacting us. We offer our products in competitive prices and solutions free of cost. We will answer your queries by replying to you as soon as possible. We will give you detailed information about our products, prices, manufacturing process, and warranties. You can also get a brochure regarding our products on our website.

A feeling of comfort in your house or office is a common thing. If you have this feeling of comfort in your home then you would like to invest in your house’s architecture and furniture. They have a wide range of architectural hardware that can turn your home into a place of importance.

We manufacture and export to the United Kingdom, EU, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Our customers are always on the lookout for good deals on architectural hardware that can be availed with the added convenience of affordable shipping.

How can you put your best foot forward and maximize your profit from architectural hardware?

One of the significant features of architectural hardware products is that they enhance the look of a home. By installing the right hardware fittings in the right place, architects can produce a good-looking property. Having the right architectural hardware fittings in the right place can help you build a beautiful house on a budget.

Why should I buy it?

‘TNI’ Architectural Hardware is a one-stop where you can buy complete hardware products from where you can make the most of your architectural plans. For some you may be selling the products but if you can save money, without compromising on the quality, then go for it.

How to purchase it?

The Brand can be reached at their office or through email: The representative can be contacted with the email address of the company and they can provide you with detailed information about the product and its quality.

For Faster Communication You Contact Over What’s App: +91 94292 89250


We are passionate about our job and do our best to provide you with the best hardware products. We keep in contact with our clients at the earliest to know their demands and requirements and also when the orders pour in.


In the architectural hardware market Factors like convenience, low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and performance will help you come up with a great product, after creating a good target market strategy, with the help of which you can create a great impact on the design of your desired space.