5 Inch Stainless Steel Hinges: How to Pick the Right One

5 Inch Stainless Steel Hinges are hinges usually made from SS202 and SS304 grades. They are most commonly used on entry-level doors however many of the internal large doors also use them. Hinges with a 5 inch gate opening will allow for a larger door to be utilized and will offer more adjustment and more installation options than a smaller hinge.


What is a 5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges?

If you are looking for a cheap option in hinges, you can definitely go with a 5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges but keep in mind that you may have good quality as well. 5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges allow for a more significant gap between the two sides of the door as the hinge will typically be installed without a 1/4″ screw hole in between the two sides. If the door is expected to operate at high speeds and the door is expected to be open for an extended period of time, then this may be a major concern when considering the door being used with the hinge.

It is important to note that you cannot install an SS304 hinge without making this adjustment. Once the SS304 hinge is installed and placed in the door the user will notice a fairly gap between the two sides of the door.

The different types of hinges

After you’ve selected the type of hinge you prefer, you need to choose the type of spring you want to use for it. You will need to be aware of some of the limitations of each style.

Stainless Steel Hinges:

Stainless steel hinges come in two different types: plain and upholstered. Plain hinges are found on lower-cost doors. Upholstered hinges have more detailing and are more costly to purchase and install. They also use a spring that will need to be replaced in its entirety once every three to five years as it degrades.

Shaft Style and Tip Finish

There are two different shaft styles and tip finish types of hinges.

With a plain hinge, the shaft is flush with the door casing and the two halves of the hinge are joined together with the flat portion of the hinge on the end of the shaft.

The mechanical properties of SS202 and SS304

These grades stainless steel is the most common grade that’s used to manufacture hinge pins and hardware.

They are corrosion-resistant and should be stored at a moderate temperature free from vibrations.

Negative oxidation is the oxidation of iron oxide which makes it more susceptible to rust.

The main type of corrosion is patina and should be avoided with all hinge hardware if possible.

They are the most widely used material for hinge pins due to their low cost and mechanical properties.

Safe and cheap stainless steel hinges.

TNI – Most 5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges are SS matt finish for many reasons. Firstly, they are cheaper due to the reduced time and material costs. This will not cost you in quality of finish.

How to pick the right hinge for your door

SS304 and SS202 Stainless Steel Grades Type of hinge Main purpose Hidden hinges are typically available on high-quality doors so you should try to select them whenever possible. Flat track hinges are only available on top-quality doors and can be secured with a combination lock. Made from Stainless steel. Can be splined, crimped, or braided depending on the manufacturer of the hinges.

The main purpose of a hinge depends on the type of door that you are using. Flat track hinges are generally found on entry-level doors. If you are looking for the best quality and security hinges for entry doors, you should choose a style of hinge that offers a greater span or gate than a flat track hinge.

5 inch Hinges Price in India

5 inch SS Hinges Price is subject to the raw material used for making these hinges, the Finish of the hinges, and the Brand name. All these parameters make any 5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges Price in India cost-wise high or low.

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5 inch Stainless Steel Hinges are the best option from all available sizes and Quality for the main door and larger doors however one should consider the weight of a particular door before hanging any doors.

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