Before you can finish your brand new interior door installation, it’s important to purchase the right hardware. There are a variety of door accessories available including SS hinges.

In order to best choose the right interior door accessories for your situation, it’s important to understand the different types of door hardware available.

Understand the types of door accessories

Lock and Mortice Handles

Lock and Mortice Handle come in many different styles to suit each of your unique door needs. These include a Lock Body, Euro profile Lock, and a pair of Mortice Handles.

The Top 5 Best Selling wooden Door Accessories

TNI’s premium Quality HInges is an affordable option for those looking to purchase a simple door hinges for their home

SS Hinges for Wooden Door Accessories

A double hinge is a good way to create aesthetic symmetry in an entryway or open kitchen space. A Hinge will be installed directly over the existing door hardware.

Hardware and Locks

Most mortise handle manufacturer recommends SS304 and Major demand in the current market is mortise handle specially manufacturer from Rajkot, Gujarat-India.

Factors to consider when buying a mortise handle: The length of mortise handle 7″ Inch is the max length for these types of handels.

Tower Bolts

This is the most popular interior door hardware. These bolt-on accessories let you add a weather-stripping panel, wreath, or handle to your existing door or install a new door to match your interior doors.

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