All You Need to Know About L Hinges for Doors and Cabinets

L hinges can be used on kitchen cabinets, especially in a modern kitchen where the cabinetry needs a little something more.

What Are L Hinges?

A L hinge is a part of a cabinet door that allows the door to swing open and allow in an outside breeze or allow access to the interior when locked.

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Pros and Cons    L hinges cabinets

l hinges provide a secure, simple, and easy-to-install mechanism. They also reduce the effort and time involved in tightening or adjusting your doors and cabinets.

Materials Used for Doors

L hinges can be made from several different materials, such as brass or stainless steel. However, the most preferred option is the Stainless Steel hinge.

When Should You Use l hinges cabinets?

This depends on your cabinet’s door. What you’re trying to achieve with your door is whether you want to open it slightly or be able to open it from the top.

What are the benefits of using an L hinge?

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l hinges are stylish and are a modern aesthetic option. The l-hinge keeps your cabinet open and in place, while still maintaining a professional look.


Unlike traditional Hinges for cabinet doors, an L Hinges is easier to install and less complex.