Finding German Door Hinges? 7 Quality Things You Should Know

Yup, you read that correctly, we’re talking about German door hinges. A lot of people ask me if I can help them find German door hinges for their doors. I get where you’re coming from. Most of the time, people want to know where to buy German hinges because their doors have been crafted by hand so they need to match perfectly.

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Finding German door hinges can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. The market is saturated with different types of door hardware.

1) Type: There are three main types of German hinges on the market. These include butt hinges, which are the most popular, strap hinges and barrel hinges.

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2) Finish: This refers to how each hinge looks. The most common finish types include brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome.

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3) Door Weight: German doors aren’t that heavy – just about 35 pounds for most 6-by-8-foot doors – and most German hinges can handle that weight without any issues whatsoever. However, some of them don’t work as well with wood doors and should only be used with steel doors.

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4) Consider the Fitting: You need to consider what size of German door hinges should be used for your project.


5) Material: It is important that you get these hinges from a good supplier so that they will be well-made and strong enough to hold your doors in place without any trouble at all.

Know the size of door you need to fit.

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Choose door hinges with a classic look or simpler functionally Avoid cheap or imitation German Door Hinges Look for the best price—at the right time.


In honor of their quality, we’ve decided to put together this list of the best German door hinges on the market today.

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