Euro Profile Cylinder: The Best Recommendations To Help You Choose

Euro Profile Cylinder

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The Euro Profile Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn

Before you choose which brand of cylinder you want to use, you must understand how the EU lock-style cylinder (also known as the Euro Profile cylinder)


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What You Need To Know about euro profile cylinder thumbturn

Euro-profile Cylinder Locks locks are also known as Profile Cylinders, Brass Cylinder locks, main Door Locks, Computer Key Locks


Euro Profile Cylinder Sizes

Size: 60MM | 70MM | 90MM | 100MM | 120MM and 150MM Parts: Frames: Brass Dimensions: One Side Key Another side Thumbturn Knob Weight: According to Size


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Types of Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks is a proven technology that allows all doors to be protected with high-performance combination locks.


Benefits and Drawbacks

The Euro Profile cylinder is the best option for commercial applications because it’s easy to use and doesn’t need extra tools to secure it.



The Euro profile cylinder is a quality, affordable cylinder that can be used with euro locks. Requirements to buy the Euro Profile Cylinder: Contact us by clicking the below button.